Today’s Sylvia Jeffreys jokingly compared to “horse” in segment

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With Australia slowly gearing up for “the race that stops a nation”, it appears the Today show hosts got a little too excited. 

During a light-hearted discussion about the favourites to win the Melbourne Cup race, Georgie Gardner paid a compliment to news reader Sylvia Jeffreys, saying: “Just like the horse [Yucatan], you are a Today show favourite.”

Karl Stefanovic couldn’t help but jump in, “Wow.”

“You’re not comparing Sylvia to a…? No.”

Channel Nine
(Credit: Channel Nine)

“Oh, just keep out!” Georgie replied to the prankster. “You’re a meddler, today, you’re causing trouble!” 

Sylvia just continued to laugh. 

This week, Karl has got his hands full welcoming his newest addition to the family.

Jasmine Yarbrough announced she and fiancé Karl were welcoming a German Shepherd named “Chance the Yapper”. 

The 34-year-old Mara & Mine designer told Daily Mail, “We are so excited to bring our new little puppy home this weekend.” 

Both Karl and I have grown up with German Shepherds and can’t wait to welcome our newest member of the family, Chance the Yapper.” 

Karl also opened up about the new addition. 

“I wasn’t going to [get another dog] because I had a bit of an emotional experience when I was a kid,” he explained.

We had this German Shepherd for 15 years, Rocky, and he passed away and it was very said. I vowed that I would never ever get another dog.

“It’s a big responsibility and I’m worrying about the emotions tied up with that,” he added.

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