Today Show star: Patrick Swayze assaulted me

This is shocking.

Michele Mahone, a former Today Show presenter, gossip reporter and make-up artist based in LA, has come forward claiming Patrick Swayze sexually assaulted her. 

Speaking to, Mahone has penned her experience and opened up about the assault. 

Mahone writes, ‘I worked with Disney for years as one of their make-up artists, and would work on actors three to five times a month. Patrick Swayze came in for an interview, and the whole time all he did was talk about how fantastic his wife was. At the end of his interview, I asked him if he wanted his make-up removed.’

She continues, ‘I went back to the room, and put my left hand up to lift his fringe off his face, while I removed his makeup with my right hand. He grabbed my waist and pulled me in and started kissing me. I was completely shocked. He wouldn’t let go. His hand moved behind my head, and it was a really forceful kiss.’

The former Today presenter further adds, ‘I pushed his shoulder off me. It was like a drunk in the bar grabbing you out of nowhere. He said, ‘Oh, this doesn’t mean we can’t work together,’ and I didn’t know what to say. I was shaken. I was trembling. It was like an uncle grabbing you and kissing you. I was appalled, because he just said how much he loved his wife. I felt violated. My mouth hurt. I was in absolute shock.’

(Credit: Channel Nine)

Mahone continues, ‘After the Today Show days, I got a call and I went to someone’s house — whose name I will never reveal — who had seen my work on YouTube, thought I was funny and wanted to work with me. They said they had a part which they wanted me to be in. So I went to his house. He offered me a drink, and I said: ‘No, I don’t drink,’ and joked that if I had a drink, it would be a very different interview and laughed it off.’ 

‘Instead of sitting across from me he sat next to me on the couch. I remember how I inched my way over until I hit the arm of the chair, before he put his hand up my shirt. I just slapped him. He then grabbed my arm, and it was a full-on fight. I was there maybe 20 minutes, but it was 20 minutes too long. I grabbed my purse and said if you don’t open your gate I will drive straight through it. I drove out of his driveway, pulled over and bawled my eyes out,’ she continued. 

Mahone finishes by writing, ‘Until today, I’ve never said a word of this to anybody because I thought there was no point. I know people would believe me, but I’d feel the impact more.’

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