Hilarious feud errupts on The Voice Australia: “This rivalry is real”

Rita and Jason have described Jess and Guy as "cut throat" competitors
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We may only be a few episodes into the new season of The Voice Australia but already tensions are flaring up, especially between the four superstars judges!

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Aussie judges Jessica Mauboy and Guy Sebastian have joined forces against their international counterparts, Rita Ora and newcomer Jason Derulo, revealing to cameras that they “can’t” let them win. 

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“I feel like the internationals have come in and they’re like, ‘Oh we’re from like somewhere else, we’re so good, we’re gonna win,'” Guy vented. 

“I’m not up for that energy. I’m not down for that,” he continued. 

The rivalry is real between these four! (Credit: Channel Seven)

In 2022, it was former sportsman turned singer-songwriter Lachie Gill who took home the winning title for British star Rita’s team. 

According to Guy, he and Jess refused to “have another year where an international wins.” 

“We need to bring the crown back home to home turf,” Guy said before drawing a curious comparison to cricket. 

“It’s like the Ashes – doesn’t belong in England, belongs right here.”

They may have released a song together, but Jess and Jason are still firmly competing against each other (Credit: Channel Seven)

Jason and Rita however were quick to dish back on the Aussies’ competitive banter, arguing that as international judges they were actually at a disadvantage in the competition. 

“Guys, no offence but you know half of the Aussies – you’re like ‘Hey, John! Hey, Tom! Hey, Susan!,'” Rita said. 

“Aussies are just like that, we have a connection, we have a good vibe. You know, we just like that, we just chill,” Jess joked in response. 

Rita is feeling the heat from Guy this season… (Credit: Channel Seven)

Jason agreed with Rita’s assessment, before chiming in with his own two cents. 

“When somebody has home court advantage, a lot of times they get comfortable,” he said. 

“[But] that’s the perfect time to come in and swoop to win you know?”

“Two Aussies, two internationals. The Aussie side, they play this ‘nice guy’ game, but in reality they’re the most cut throat.” 

We sure can’t wait to see how this rivalry unfolds as we approach the battle rounds!

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