The Block: Ronnie and Georgia’s huge mistake

An expert weighs in.

Alice Stolz, a Domain journalist, attended The Block’s open inspection and revealed she thought Ronnie and Georgia made one monumental mistake. 

Stolz believes the competitive couple made an ‘auction-losing’ decision by picking House Three. 

‘All along I’ve said to Ronnie and Georgia I think they did the wrong thing choosing this house,’ Alice revealed. ‘They should have chosen House One or House Five.’

Back in week one Ronnie and Georgia won the 48 hour challenge. Their prize was to pick their home. They immediately chose House Three because of its mysterious safe. While the safe had some helpful prizes in it, it may be a decision that could come back to haunt them at the auctions.  

Scholz believes that House Five has the ‘northern aspect’ and House One has that ‘beautiful hugely wide hallway’ and that the couple would have a been better off choosing one of those two.  

While Ronnie and Georgia have always been considered Josh and Elyse’s main competitors, Alice now thinks Jason and Sarah are in with a shot. ‘I think what’s happened is, as Jason and Sarah have delivered a house, which we keep calling the dark horse, that now their [house] is actually top three.’

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