Cheating scandal rocks The Block

"Everyone wishes they had just been honest."
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As the only team without any trade experience, Sharon and Ankur have repeatedly claimed they’re at a major disadvantage in the competition. 

Watch Below: The Block’s Tanya and Vito reveal the truth about the cheating scandal

But it appears the couple might let their insecurities – or their competitiveness – get the better of them, as accusations are flying that they’re cheating! 

According to a well-placed source, Sharon and Ankur get caught doing the dodge during one of Scotty Cam’s challenges – and the long-time host is seriously unimpressed, as are the rest of the Blockheads. 

“Sharon and Ankur’s behaviour left a lot to be desired … no-one is happy,” dishes the insider.

“Everyone really wishes they’d just been honest.” 

The Block
Will a cheating scandal rock this season of The Block? (Credit: Nine Network)

The drama reportedly centres around Sharon and Ankur trying to gain an advantage in a task set by Scotty at a winery. 

Ahead of the season debut, Sharon hinted to New Idea that trouble was afoot, but appeared to downplay any major contention. 

“There will definitely be drama just due to the insane conditions we were working under during the build, but not a lot between contestants, thankfully,” the former Neighbours actress said. 

The Block
As the only team without any trade experience, Sharon and Ankur have repeatedly claimed they’re at a major disadvantage in the competition. (Credit: Nine Network)

But our insider claims things do get downright frosty between the couple from House 3, and the other teams following the incident.

“It’s been a hard slog and all the teams are in it to win it, and taking the game very seriously, so they don’t take kindly to someone trying to get the upper hand unfairly,” explains the source. 

Scotty is said to give Sharon and Ankur the chance to own up to their indiscretion, but behind the scenes he wasn’t happy.

Given the shenanigans that have already taken place this season – namely contestants Elle and Joel abruptly quitting – it’s understandable he might react in such a manner. 

The Block
The couple had a rough first room reveal this season, with judges slamming their bathroom. (Credit: Nine Network)

“No doubt Scotty is sick of all the lies and fakery. I could imagine him laying down a stern warning for everyone to get their acts together or get the hell off the show!”

What’s more, Scotty likely still has memories of last year’s season, which was tainted by Tanya and Vito’s cheating scandal

He openly slammed the pair after they were caught taking a photo of the top-secret production schedule in an effort to get a leg-up. 

Believing they’d “attacked the integrity of the show” with their actions, Scotty blasted: “There’s a lot of money at stake on The Block and it’s got to be a fair game. I was so disappointed and angry when this came out.”

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