The explosive footage from The Block that never made it to air!

Producers scramble to keep things under wraps
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They were meant to make their grand comeback alongside former Blockheads Mitch and Mark, but last year’s ‘villains’, Tanya and Vito, have had their 2023 appearance cut!

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According to our spies, Tanya and Vito arrived on the set with Mitch and Mark to give the contestants some feedback on their completed rooms. 

But while the boys were welcomed with open arms, Tanya and Vito didn’t elicit the same response.

“This year’s teams are so headstrong, and they did not like the fact that Tanya and Vito – two people who had admitted to cheating last year – were giving their two cents about their work,” a show insider exclusively tells New Idea.

The Block
Tanya and Vito made quite the stir last season! (Credit: Nine)

Tanya and Vito became Australia’s most-hated reality stars last year after Tanya admitted to taking a photo of production plans which ultimately gave them quite a unfair advantage. 

Tanya had staunchly denied the claims throughout the entire season, waiting to confess to the deception during the final episode. 

With enough drama of their own to deal with right now, the current Blockheads weren’t exactly keen to have them on board. 

They recall the cheating scandal vividly and definitely aren’t fans of the pair. 

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“Everyone made it known to producers afterwards that they weren’t happy about them being there.” 

It’s believed that Tanya and Vito weren’t aware that their scenes had been edited out.

Given the bad response from the Blockheads, it seemed likely that the viewers would feel the same.

“They don’t want to seem like they’re rewarding bad behaviour,” the source adds.

The Block
Ankur and Sharon reportedly got into an ugly spat with Keith. (Credit: Nine)

Meanwhile, we hear an ugly spat between foreman Keith, and Ankur and Sharon also had to be scrapped. 

The on-set source says the argument was so explosive, only a fraction was suitable to add into the family-friendly primetime slot. 

“There’s yelling, screaming, swearing – you name it,” the insider spills, adding that the “majority of it ended up on the cutting-room floor”.

After last season’s back-to-back blow-ups turned many viewers off, the show insider says that “producers were really trying to keep the fights to a minimum this year”. 

Still, they are nervous that the footage could somehow be leaked in the coming weeks.

“It’ll cause a stir for sure if that does happen,” the insider adds.

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