The Block former contestant Jess Eva says “villain” Jesse is faking it!

“He’d be like, ‘I’m joking, it’s just a bit of showbiz’!”
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Jess Eva and her fiancé Norm were some of the most popular contestants on The Block last year.

And now, the third-place getter – who is has recently relocated to Sydney to join breakfast radio show Moonman in the Morning on Triple M – has given some insight into what this season’s “villain” Jesse Raeburn. The mum of two tells reality TV podcast Real Talk with Holly & Ali that the real estate agent is putting on his bad guy act for the cameras!

“So, I knew Jesse from last season,” she tells co-hosts Holly Richards and Ali Cromarty in the most recent episode of Real Talk.

“Jesse was the a-hole real estate agent that said we couldn’t have a pool”

“We actually got along quite well behind the scenes!

“Before The Block went to air he rang me and he wanted to be prepared on what to expect and stuff.”

So, given Jess’ previous encounters with Jesse, plus her own experience filming hit reno show The Block, she has some interesting opinions on what’s really going on behind the scenes this season.

“I think Jess is very vulnerable and I think that he uses that smartass-ness to cover up his extreme anxiety of what’s going on right now,” she says.

“I don’t think he believes in it himself; I think that he’s a teddy bear on the inside and I think he’d be a crier.

“He would be a smart ass in camera last year and then the cameras would go off and I’d be like, ‘Eff you Jess!’ and he’d be like, ‘I’m joking, it’s just a bit of showbiz’.”

To find out what else Jess had to say about this season of The Block, including what she REALLY thinks of Scott Cam, listen to the latest episode of Real Talk with Holly & Ali below.

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