The awkward detail from Jenny’s Hens party

One missing person has got EVERYONE talking!
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The Block’s Jenny and Dylan are getting closer to their big wedding day – but one awkward detail from the Hens’ party has people wondering if there’s bad blood between The Block contestants. 

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Jenny’s hens’ party, which was held in Queensland, was seemingly attended by every other female contestant of this year’s season of The Block – except Sharron. 

In photos posted to Instagram, Jenny can be seen celebrating with fellow contestants Sarah-Jane and Rachel. 

But Sharon, who also competed in the same series, was nowhere to be seen. 

Whilst Sharon may have been invited and just not been able to attend the bash, fans have jumped to the conclusion that the two women do not get along, especially since they clashed heads throughout much of the season. 

Sharon and her husband Ankur received frosty receptions from most teams throughout last year’s season, with clashing personalities and claims of cheating dominating much of the show.

But is her absence at the hens’ proof that the couple still remains on tense terms with other contestants?

The Block's Sarah Jane
The Block’s Sarah Jane shares her travel difficulties (Credit: Instagram @sarahjane91__)

Sharon’s absence from the party wasn’t the only drama of the weekend, with Sarah Jane revealing the difficulties she encountered when trying to attend the Queensland escape. 

Taking to Instagram, she revealed her Jetstar light had been cancelled – with no option to rebook until the late afternoon. 

“I will never fly with you again!” she wrote on Instagram. “Rant incoming, but essentially flight has been cancelled this morning and they can offer a replacement flight that gets me in at 2:30 pm yet we are going on a boat cruise which will be cruising bu the time I arrive.” 

“I am LIVID & have evoked the spirit of every Karen.”

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Sarah Jane later updated fans, revealing that she was currently on a flight and will make it to Queensland on time. 

“I’ll have about 30mins to get dressed and glam but I am on route to make the boat,” she shared. “Thank you to Tom for buying me another ticket.”

The Block's Sarah Jane
The ladies of The Block celebrate Jenny’s hens with one notable absence (Credit: Instagram @sarahjane91__)

Dylan and Jenny recently took to Instagram to celebrate their anniversary. 

“2 years since our engagement and 76 days until we’re married! How exciting, we can’t wait,” they wrote alongside a series of pictures from the day Dylan asked Jenny to marry him.

Since their time on The Block, the couple has continued to share updates on their relationship with their followers, giving a glimpse into their life together and their plans for the future.

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