Here’s where The Block will be filmed for its epic 20th season

It was moved from its original location due to intense backlash from locals.
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Channel Nine has confirmed that the 2024 season of The Block will be filmed at Phillip Island, a popular tourist destination just 90 minutes away from the Melbourne CBD. 

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When the news was first announced in November 2023, Executive Producer Julian Cress said the team was “delighted” to find such a “perfect destination” to mark 20 seasons of the renovation reality show.

“We’ve purchased a holiday park just around the corner from the world-famous Penguin Parade, and so far the community has shown huge support for us and we are hoping for a really warm welcome for our new crop of contestants in the 20th year,” he added. 

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Described as an idyllic seaside escape, Phillip Island is connected to the mainland via a bridge, offering residents the best of both worlds when it comes to enjoying island life and city living. 

Curiously, however, Phillip Island wasn’t the originally planned filming location for the upcoming season of The Block.

The Phillip Island address where The Block 2024 will be filmed. (Credit:

In fact, just over three months before filming was due to commence, Channel Nine was forced to change locations after receiving intense backlash from locals. 

The network originally purchased five pavilion-style homes in the quaint country town of Daylesford, even though the last time they tried to sell in a country town created heart-breaking auction night results in The Block 2022.

Located just 90 minutes north of the Melbourne CBD, Daylesford is well known for its mineral springs, spas, and delicious gourmet cuisine, and is a popular weekend destination. 

Commenting on the decision to change locations, a The Block insider revealed to the Herald Sun at the time that the production doesn’t “go where we are not welcome.”

Preperation is underway to get the Phillip Island address ready for filming. (Credit: The Blockinator Blog)

The complaints from Daylesford snowballed into local residents leading VCAT objection cases against The Block. This led to the Planning Minister getting involved who made an expedited decision.

Daylesford is estimated to have lost $500,000 in accommodation bookings for the cast and crew, plus the community has lost business opportunities coming from the show’s popularity. 

Phillip Island is also home to a globally famous Grand Prix race track. (Credit: Getty)

Shortly after the news broke that Daylesford would not be happening, rumours began circulating that the season would be set in Inner Melbourne.

But in late September, 2023 it was revealed that Channel Nine had instead purchased 2.5 acres of land for $9.58 million in the suburb of Cowes on Phillip Island, some two hours away from the Melbourne CBD. 

It is predicted that the existing resort at the address (113 – 119 Justice Road) will be demolished to make way for the five houses that our 2024 blockheads will be renovating. 

Daylesford, Victoria (Credit: Wiki Australia)

Speaking with TV Tonight in November 2023, Julian Cress divulged that the entire team was “thrilled” to be bringing the renovation reality show to Phillip Island after the Daylesford location “blew up.”

“We were very, very lucky to be able to find a magnificent site in Phillip Island. So far from what I’ve seen the feedback from the audience and the fans who’ve heard that we’re going there, they’re all thrilled to bits,” he shared excitedly. 

He added that the “iconic location” was sure to “resonate extremely well” with fans. 

“I mean, how can you go wrong making your 20th season on an island by the sea with penguins?” he joked. 

In 2022, contestants renovated properties on HUGE blocks of land. (Credit: Instagram/Nine)

If the location hadn’t changed, given Daylesford’s abundance of period homes, we could have seen these homes being renovated and extended as they have done in the past. 

But given the existing property at the Phillip Island filming location is expected to be demolished, perhaps we will see contestants build their properties from scratch, adding to the challenge, and making for a very exciting 20th season. 

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