Drama on The Block after couple quits midway through filming

Channel Nine was quick to find a replacement.
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An undisclosed couple has reportedly ‘quit’ the upcoming season of The Block, mere weeks after filming commenced on Victoria’s Phillip Island.

While Channel Nine has yet to confirm the identities of the contestants competing in the 20th season of the renovation reality show, an insider source has confirmed to Yahoo Lifestyle that a couple voluntarily “left” the series. 

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“They were definitely not kicked off the show though, it was on their own accord,” the source revealed in mid-April, adding that the reason behind the shock departure would “unfold” when the show airs later this year.

According to the publication, the team that pulled out was Jesse and Paige from Western Australia who reportedly left the show due to the high-stress, high-pressure environment.

“Producers felt blindsided by their decision to quit. It certainly wasn’t on their bingo card when they cast the season,” the insider added. 

“None of the other teams had noticed anything too unusual and everyone was left gobsmacked when the Western Australian team fled Phillip Island.”

It’s not all negative, however, with Channel Nine already finding replacements in Maddie and Charlotte who have taken over the renovation work on the allocated blue team house.

Elle and Joel quit The Block in 2022 due to a family matter. (Credit: Channel Nine)

This isn’t the first time a couple has “quit” the popular show after influencer Elle Ferguson and former AFL player Joel Patfull exited the show after just two days of filming in 2022 due to a family matter. 

According to media reports at the time, Joels’ mother broke her coccyx and fractured her wrist after a bad fall, the couple choosing to leave The Block in favour of spending time with family.

During their exit, Elle shared a poignant message to her Instagram story writing: “Wherever you are in the world, whatever you are doing, family always comes first.”

Scott was critical of the couple who quit in 2022, it remains to be seen why a couple has quit in 2024. (Credit: Channel Nine)

Longtime host Scott Cam painted the surprise exit in a different light, however, alleging the pair had given “no explanation” to production when they had left the competition.

“They never spoke to us, they just left in the middle of the night. I still don’t know why they left. They never mentioned [a] sick mother in the 48 hours before they left, or after they left,” the father of three shared with in August of that same year.

“The executive produce spoke to them [after they left] and they didn’t mention [a] sick mother either.”

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