Meet the contestants rumoured to be competing on The Block in 2024

Filming is currently underway on Victoria's Phillip Island.
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The Block is set to return for a mammoth 20th season in 2024, and while details are scarce, fans are beside themselves with excitement to see a new cohort of blockheads pick up the tools and get stuck into renovating. 

This year, the beloved renovation reality show is heading to the luxury location of Phillip Island on Victoria’s Bass Coast, a popular tourist destination located just 90 minutes away from the Melbourne CBD.

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Despite the filming location being confirmed, Channel Nine has yet to reveal when the upcoming series will premiere, or who they have cast to take part. 

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But thanks to some friendly locals living on Phillip Island, we have a pretty good indication about who exactly is taking part, locals taking several sneaky snaps, and selfies with our blockheads on set and running around the island on errands. 

It remains to be seen which blockheads will following in the footsteps of Steph and Gian. (Credit: Channel Nine)

Who is competing on The Block in 2024?

According to, Perth-based couple Jesse and Paige (the blue team), have made no effort to hide their involvement with the show after posting to a local community Facebook group when filming started in February that they were looking for tradies. 

They’ve even been busy snapping selfies with several excited locals as they have been shopping at local businesses such as Crystal Infusion in nearby Kilcunda.

The address blockheads will be renovating was previously a resort. (Credit:

We don’t know much so far about the red team who have only been photographed sporadically so far on set but from what we can tell it’s another couple!

Another mystery pair of competitors is the yellow team, a pair of two boys who thanks to some photos shot of the yet-to-be-released promo, will be a couple of troublemakers (in a good way). 

In the photos, the duo are seen wearing fish shoes during the promo, instead of work boots like their fellow contestants. They’ve also been photographed strapping a kayak onto the roof of the car, giving us the indication that they like exercise and the outdoors!

Filming for season 20 is currently underway on Phillip Island. (Credit: Channel Nine)

It’s fitting that Kylie and Brad are on the green team considering Kylie has neon green hair!

The lovebirds (who are reportedly from Queensland) have quickly become favourites among Phillip Island locals after the couple have made continual efforts to purchase their goods on the island, rather than head to the big-name stores on the mainland.

Last but not least are Kristian and Mimi, aka Team Purple, from Adelaide. 

No strangers to the spotlight, the lovebirds are the most notable team to participate in The Block this year after videos shared to TikTok of their 2023 wedding in Adelaide went viral worldwide.

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle, an insider source revealed that the couple were potential “villains” in the upcoming series. 

“The feeling is that we have bought some serious dynamite with these two, and we are just waiting for an explosion,” they told the publication

The same source added that despite being early on in filming, Channel Nine “couldn’t be happier” with their casting. 

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