Has the ending of The Bachelors Australia 2023 been leaked?

Here's who fans think will take home the final roses...
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Much to the delight of fans everywhere, The Bachelor Australia has returned for a second season in 2023, with three handsome new men looking for love amongst the 24 women who are all vying for their attention and hearts. 

Whilst the season is currently still airing, eagle-eyed fans have already placed their bets as to which single ladies will be walking away with a full heart at the final rose ceremony.

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Former NRL player Luke Bateman explained to Channel 10 before season 11 aired that he was “looking for a partner who I can build and share a life with” and someone who was “genuine” and made him laugh. 

And according to viewers, they seem to think Ellie ticks all those boxes!

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The 29-year-old beauty therapist from Western Australia is currently the frontrunner to take home the final rose from this country charmer with odds of $1.54 to “win.” 

Sadly, however, some viewers don’t believe Luke will walk away from The Bachelors in a loving relationship, instead placing their bets that he may leave the romance reality show a single man, with the odds of this happening currently at $7.00. 

L-R: Luke Bateman, Ben Waddell, Wesley Senna Cortes. (Credit: Channel 10)

As for Brazilian bombshell Wesley Senna Cortes, fans believe he may also leave the show single, with the odds of this happening currently listed at $2.00. 

Previously the 32-year-old has admitted that he’s “never had a girlfriend.” 

“Obviously, I grew up with Christian values and trying to do the right thing and not be another reason for girls not to trust men […] I never saw myself as being a one-night-stand guy and, matter of fact, I’ve actually never had sex,” he shared in the second episode with his fellow bachelors who applauded him for his honesty. 

But surprisingly, despite this, sparks quickly flew between him and 25-year-old mining administrator Brea, so much so that the pair decided to leave the competition prior to the final rose ceremony. 

“I love how clumsy you are and I think you’re beautiful and I think the spark was something that kept on growing. So, from now, I would actually love to just focus on you,” Wesley told Brea. 

Things quickly took a turn south for the couple however after Wesley revealed to Brea he didn’t want to share a room with her during an overnight stay at the Bachelor mansion. 

“It’s almost comical because there is a bit of a dampener on the mood. Right now, this is not a good start,” the Queenslander told cameras. 

Fingers crossed their love lasts beyond the final rose ceremony!

Fans believe not all our bachelors will have happy endings. (Credit: Channel 10)

Finally for former professional sports star Ben Waddell, 25-year-old PR Manager McKenna is looking like she’ll be the one to steal his heart, with her odds to “win” the show currently listed at $1.57. 

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Curiously, despite Wesley previously admitting to our sister publication TV Week that the “bro code” was tried and tested throughout the season, the suitors all have very different contestants in their top spot. 

However, things can change quickly in the mansion, let’s just hope no hearts get broken in the process!

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