Terri Irwin and Anthony Wiggle team up for exciting new venture

Big plans are underway between the Aussie icons...
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Terri Irwin and Anthony Field’s lasting friendship has only grown stronger in the 17 years since Steve Irwin tragically died in 2006. 

It’s a closeness that continues to flourish to this day.

That connection has seen big-hearted Anthony, 60, become a constant presence in the lives of Terri and her two children, Bindi and Robert.

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New Idea understands the ‘Blue Wiggle’ gives Steve’s kids fatherly advice and provides a shoulder for Terri, 59, to lean on.

Certainly, over the years, the Irwins have loved collaborating with the popular children’s group.

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Just last year, Terri had The Wiggles take to the stage for the annual Steve Irwin Gala Dinner in Brisbane. 

Son Robert, 19, aka the ‘Khaki Wiggle’ is also no stranger to joining Dorothy the Dinosaur on stage as a supporting band member, and even little Bindi starred in their 2002 film, Wiggly Safari.

The Irwin family have longed been close with The Wiggles (Credit: Getty)

Now, after years of partnership between the two friends, New Idea is told the pair have huge plans to team up and bring a series of Wiggle Concerts to Australia Zoo!

Following extensive renovations at the Sunshine Coast tourist attraction, which includes swanky new hotel rooms and convention spaces, sources say hosting a Wiggles concert series at the zoo is a perfect way to promote the world-famous venue where Steve’s conservation and wildlife work is celebrated every day.

“Anthony loved Steve and he loves Terri, Bindi, and Robert, and that’s created an unbreakable bond,” a source tells New Idea. 

“Anthony really is family to them all, and I know he was a huge support for Terri when Steve died. He stepped up and she’s never forgotten it,” they add.

Anthony speaking at Steve’s 2006 memorial service (Credit: Getty)

Steve’s only son seems to have picked up where his famous dad left off and now counts Anthony as a close mate.

Robert recently told fans he considered it “an honour to be part of The Wiggles family for so long”.

“To carry on this legacy for my dad is so special,” he said when he sang and danced the part made famous by his father in The Wiggles song, ‘The Crocodile Hunter.’

With plans for the concert series underway, the zoo will no doubt be going into overdrive to promote the exciting venture, and sources say it’s going to be a very rewarding moment for Terri and Anthony.

Could Grace be following in her mother’s wiggly footsteps? (Credit: Instagram)

Grace Warrior joins The Wiggles

Bindi got her first big break when she was cast in Wiggly Safari in 2002, and now, 21 years later, and a mum herself, the Wildlife Warrior wants daughter Grace to follow in her footsteps. 

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Bindi was just three when she made her movie debut, and with Grace coming up to her third birthday next March, it will be a dream come true for fans to see Grace become a Wiggly movie star at the same age.

Sources say Bindi is the “biggest Wiggles fan in the family” so it seems only fitting that Grace gets her chance to perform with the band.

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