Uber driver tells: What I did when Sydney ‘knife rampage attacker’ jumped on my car

The brave driver reveals move he pulled to protect his passengers
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A Sydney Uber driver has relived the terrifying moment accused Sydney stabber Mert Ney leapt on top of his car, waving a bloodied carving knife. Revealing the smart move he pulled to keep himself and his passengers safe, driver Leon Baghlani says he has been suffering flashbacks to the terrifying moment.

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Speaking on Sunrise this morning, Leon relived the terrifying incident, which was captured on film at the intersections of King and Clarence streets in the Sydney CBD.

‘Well it was a shocking day,’ Leon recalled. ‘I realised all these people were fleeing and telling each other to move away.

‘It was a frightening moment for a lot of us.’

Sydney knife rampage
(Credit: Channel 7)

Leon said he first noticed the man, who is accused of going on a knife rampage that left one woman hospitalised and another dead, moving towards his car metres away.

‘He looked through the window at me,’ Leon recalled of the chilling encounter. ‘Then he jumped on the car with a knife, and he was waving it and saying something.

‘I was frightened for my life and for the people in the car.’

(Credit: Channel 7)

Fearing that the man may have been a potential suicide bomber who could take out his car, Leon thought quickly about how to get away from him.

‘I was just hoping that he wasn’t going to do anything worse than he was already doing, like detonating himself on the top of the car.

‘So therefore I accelerated and made sure he came off the roof of the car.’

The smart move can be seen in viral vision from the scene, which has racked up millions of views around the world.

Leon says that he has had ‘flashbacks’ from the incident since and is just grateful he and his passengers were not hurt.

The woman confirmed stabbed in yesterday’s incident is believed to be in a stable condition in hospital and reportedly will not require surgery. The other woman was found dead in a nearby apartment, her throat slashed. Police are in the process of confirming whether the fatality was a part of the same incident.

The accused was detained by members of the public, before being taken into custody by police. 

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