Sydney AXE rampage horror: ‘The bodies were a mess’

An eyewitness tells of the terrifying ordeal.
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An elderly neighbour has told how he hid from an axe-wielding man who allegedly murdered two people in his Western Sydney apartment block on Tuesday afternoon.

WATCH: Chaos in Sydney neighbourhood after axe attack leaves two dead

Robert Bangle told Daily Mail that he hid in the stairwell as the alleged killer move around the Cartwright property.

‘I heard all the screaming and I just called Triple Zero and said “get the police here now”,’ Mr Bangle said.

‘When it all died down, I came outside and sat there shaking. He’s made a mess of them.’

Officers arrived to find one man dead, and a woman in a serious condition. She died from her injuries on the way to hospital.

Mr Bangle told the media outlet how the deceased pair ‘crashed’ the unit block.

‘The [dead] people who were there don’t [live] at the place. They crashed the joint,’ he said.

Police were seen leading a man away from the crime scene. He was taken to Liverpool Police Station where he is assisting police. 

Superintendent Adam Whyte said the attack was not random. 

‘It appears a male and female have come to the units here in Cartwright in respect to a dispute and as a result a scuffle has broken out,’ he said, while another neighbour, Richard Johnson told how the street was a common place for disputes.

‘It’s very scary, especially when there’s a lot of old people living here,’ he said.

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