Survivor stars auction off their worn clothes for charity

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The stars of Australian Survivor are auctioning off their worn clothing items for charity, in a move to support a fellow tribe member.

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George, Gerald and Kez are each auctioning off an item of clothing that they wore on the show to raise awareness and fundraise for several charities that support dementia.

It comes after Flick revealed her mother had been diagnosed with Frontotemporal dementia or FTD, where she sadly passed away while Flick was on the show.

“Anyone who’s experienced losing a loved one to dementia would understand me when I say that I’ve been grieving her passing for the last six years. Mum was there physically but it was as if her body had been highjacked,” Flick penned on Instagram.

survivor australia 2021 flick
Flick’s mum passed away after suffering from dementia. (Credit: Ten)

Now, her fellow Survivor co-stars are showing their support, and have each announced that they will be placing certain clothing items they wore on the show for auction.

“My tribe mate Flick is doing amazing work to fundraise on behalf of these two great organisations to raise awareness about early onset dementia and FTD,” George wrote on Instagram.

“She has lived experience of what hundreds and thousands of Australians are going through everyday. This campaign is a tribute to her late mother Pauline who lived with FTD for a long time and passed away on Day 34 of Australian Survivor.”

survivor australia 2021 george
George is offering up his ‘dog shirt’ for auction. (Credit: Instagram)

All proceeds from the auction will go to the two nominated charities, Dementia Australia and The Australian Frontotemporal Dementia Association, with George offering up his ‘dog shirt’.

“This HAS NOT BEEN WASHED! It has all the dirt from both Brains and Fire tribes STILL ON IT. It smells and feels like Australian Survivor.

“You will never have the chance to buy something like this again! You will receive the most unique collector’s item and all the funds will support a great cause,” he said.

survivor australia 2021 gerald
“This is the genuine 1 off akubra worn by myself on Survivor Australia.” (Credit: Instagram)

Joining George is Gerald and Kez, who also took to Instagram to raise awareness for the cause and reveal the items they’re putting up for auction.

“This is the genuine 1 off akubra worn by myself on Survivor Australia season 6 brains VS brawn,” Gerald said.

“All proceeds will go to Dementia Australia and the Perron Institute for research and making a better future for people suffering FTD.

“Please support Flick, her amazing family and all of those suffering from this awful condition by digging deep you can make a massive difference.”

Kez, who is auctioning off her “beautiful iconic red shorts“, is also doing so to support her friend and tribe mate Flick.

survivor australia 2021 kez
Kez’s “beautiful iconic red shorts” are up for auction. (Credit: Instagram)

On Monday night’s episode of Australian Survivor, viewers watched the moment when Flick was told the tragic news that her mother had passed away.

Taking to Instagram after the episode aired, Flick penned a long-written message about the situation, and revealed why she chose to stay.

“For my Mum,” she began. “On day 34, while playing Australian Survivor I got a phone call from home that my Mum had passed away.”

“My very reason for playing Survivor was for my family. We’ve experienced some really tough times health wise which has made me realise that nothing in life is guaranteed and to make the most of every moment and opportunity because we don’t know what’s around the corner,” she wrote.

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