Bindi Irwin shares unseen footage of father Steve Irwin

A never-before-seen tribute to her father.
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Rare footage of Steve Irwin has just been released.

Known as ‘The Crocodile Hunter‘, the late Steve Irwin is considered an Aussie icon. Despite passing in 2006, his legacy continues to live on through his withstanding conservation work and education initiatives.

Steve’s daughter Bindi is one of many that keeps his spirit alive. Crediting her father as her hero, she often pays tribute to him through her work at the family-run Australia Zoo and, of course, on her Instagram.

WATCH: Bindi Irwin shares unseen footage of Steve Irwin. Article continues after video.

In a recently-posted video, Bindi has shared some never-before-seen footage of her father that has our hearts just melting.

Showing off the Bindi’s Island ringtail lemurs at Australia Zoo, she introduces the video clip as a moment where her dad “got to experience lemurs in the wild of Madagascar”.

The rare footage depicts Steve crouching on a dirt track, “Oh look, let’s slide across this way,” he passionately gestures to the camera.

Panning across, the camera shows off a group of lemurs that have congregated near Steve.

Steve basking in the Madagascan sun with lemurs. (Credit: Instagram/Bindi Irwin)

Showing off his cheeky side, Steve then says, “We might just sit here and have a bit of a sun bake, I think.”

He then moves to sit on the ground with them as the two male lemurs wander around him cautiously.

Basking in the sunlight with the animals, the beloved conservationist let’s out a relaxed sigh as he looks at the Madagascan animals lovingly.

Eventually, the lemurs decide to scamper off with the Irwin father asking them, “Hey boys! Where are you going?”

The video ends with the loveable environmentalist looking into the camera and chuckling.

Cue, our hearts melting.

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