Sophie Monk spills: “They were like, ‘You really need to see a therapist’”

The Love Island host opens up about her time living in LA
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Sophie Monk may be one of the most beloved stars in the country, but she hasn’t always felt the love.

The Love Island Australia host revealed to Real Talk with Holly & Ali that she struggled to adjust to life in the US because they didn’t understand her.

“They didn’t get me over there in America,” she tells Real Talk.

“I’m jokey, I’m too self-deprecating. They were like, ‘You really need to see a therapist’. And they’re like, ‘So what have you done?’ And I’m like, ‘Oh, you know, [I did] this album, the other one was crap, no one listened to it.’ And they’re like, ‘Honestly, your self-esteem’.

In 2005, the 39-year-old relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting, landing her soon to be famous role on Date Movie.

However, the star – who was engaged to Benji Madden while living in the US – says that she found her time in Hollywood “lonely”.

“It’s completely different,” she says.

“So I felt a bit lonely. Even though they speak your language. I’m very Aussie.”

Safe to say, Sophie won’t be leaving Australia any time soon!

“I would never move back overseas,” she says.

“I would if there was a job just for a period but no. I’m too Aussie. I wanna stay here.”

Another reason Sophie isn’t going anywhere, is her new love, Joshua Grosse.

“He keeps me balanced. I’m crazy s*** and he keeps me grounded,” she told Real Talk.

To hear Sophie’s thoughts on being in love, becoming a mum and the new season of Love Island Australia, listen to the latest episode of Real Talk here.

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