Shock warning over popular IKEA product

An IKEA customer has issued an URGENT warning.

It’s safe to say that at least every Aussie home has one IKEA item in it, and that’s why it’s scary once something malfunctions!

One Aussie mum has issued a warning about the furniture giants glass top desk after hers spontaneously exploded and shattered. 

I have just had my IKEA glass top desk EXPLODE into 1000 pieces. Thank god no one was standing anywhere near it because it has exploded into a combination of shards and tempered glass pieces,’ she wrong on Facebook. 

The caption also read, ‘My 10 year old son works at this desk and honestly I suspect he would have been very very badly injured. As it is, I have cut my hand attempting to pick up the pieces.’

This isn’t the first customer who claims a glass-topped piece of furniture has exploded, with a 25-year-old Welsh mum telling Wales Online she was left traumatised after her IKEA Salmi table shattered near her toddler.

Things were made worse when she claims she approached the company only to be told that they wouldn’t do anything without a proof of purchase.

‘I have just gotten off the phone from their customer service and told here is nothing they can do as I purchased it 3 years ago,’ she said. 

Apparently 3 years is their cutoff of responsibility and as I have no proof of purchase (who keeps these receipts?) they are not interested. I have another of these desks which will be going to the tip. PLEASE DO NOT BUY ANYTHING IN GLASS FROM IKEA. I am disgusted and furious.’

ikea glass
(Credit: Ikea)

IKEA has since issued a statement, saying they take customer safety seriously.

‘Products at IKEA are designed and made of the highest quality and are subject to comprehensive safety checks,’ the statement reads. ‘It is not common that our glass products shatter, however glass is a fragile material.’

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