Shaynna and Sharon clash on The Block: “My confidence is shot!”

It wouldn’t be the block without a blazing row!
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Even though The Block has had a tree change, some things never change – namely the tensions between the cast and judge Shaynna Blaze. 

Watch Below: The Block room reveals

This week, the year’s first major feud kicks off, and it’s Blockhead Sharon who has some choice words for Shaynna, after the interior design expert criticised her and husband Ankur’s very modern bathroom.

“Sharon makes her feelings about Shaynna very clear,” says the insider.

The Block judges
The judge didn’t mince her words. (Credit: Nine)

During the room reveals, Shaynna accused the couple of completely ignoring the heritage of their Victorian-era home. 

“If any house would make me angry, it’s doing this to that beautiful house we walked through,” Shaynna told fellow judges Neale Whitaker and Darren Palmer. 

“It’s not a bathroom I’m feeling good in.”

Sharon and Ankur bathroom reveal
Sharon’s choice to go modern left Shaynna furious. (Credit: Nine)

Shaynna dug her heels in further by asking: “Are you going to treat [the house] like this? ’Cause if you’re going to treat her like this, you’re going to have to deal with me. 

“They need to do some homework … really quick.”

Sources say Shaynna’s remarks left Sharon in tears – and ready to fight back! 

Sharon and Ankur
“Shazzy puts a lot of pressure on herself,” says husband Ankur. (Credit: Nine)

It’s been a rocky start to The Block for Sharon, who’s feeling on the back foot given she and Ankur are the only team without trade experience. 

“I’m over it and it’s week one,” the former Neighbours star admits. “My confidence is shot.” 

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