The new Shane Warne biopic has fans in a spin!

New Idea interviews actors Alex Williams and Shanti Kali.
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No sooner had it been announced, Channel Nine’s Shane Warne miniseries sparked serious controversy. 

Many thought producers were ‘cashing in’ after the cricketer’s death in March 2022, while others felt it shouldn’t be made at all. 

WATCH NOW: Robbie Williams starts ‘Warnie’ chant while on stage. Article continues after video. 

Despite the backlash, the cast of Warnie stand by the show, insisting it was made with care and the utmost respect. 

Alex Williams, who leads the two-part drama as Shane, says: “Obviously it was sensitive. But once I’d read the script and saw that [writers] had been working on the project for seven years or so, I knew that it was coming from the right place of authenticity and love.”

Warnie will premiere on June 25th on Channel Nine. (Credit: Nine)

His co-star Shanti Kali admits to having major hesitations about stepping into the stilettos of Shane’s former fiancee, Elizabeth Hurley. 

However, the British newcomer says her “apprehension subsidised” once Shane’s three children and his ex-wife Simone Callahan, approved of the project following conversations with Nine. 

“People on the internet will always find something to be up in arms about, but in the end, loved ones’ feelings are the only ones that matter,” she says. 

Alex Williams will play Shane whilst Marny Kennedy will portray his ex wife Simone Callahan. (Credit: Nine)

While portraying a celebrity of Liz’s stature might seem intimidating, Shanti was lured by the promise of “fun.”

She shares she was a big fan of Liz’s growing up – but Shane, not so much!

“I wasn’t a huge Warnie fan,” she says. 

“I didn’t know who he was until the day he died and his name was in the mouth of every person I saw for about a week.”

Alex underwent a physical transformation to play Shane. (Credit: Nine)

Meanwhile, Perth-born Alex grew up idolising Warnie, who became as well known for his off-field antics as he did for his sporting achievements. 

“There was a lot to do to step into Shane’s shoes,” he says. 

“I had to get his mannerisms and voice down, but also had to physically change my body a fair bit. 

“On top of all that was the cricketing side of things. It was important to me that the bowling and cricket be as authentic as possible in the show, I worked really hard with [former Australian cricketer] Bryce McGain on getting the bowling action and intent right.”

Actress Shanti idolised Liz Hurley growing up. (Credit: Nine)

Ultimately, audiences will decide whether or not it was too seen, but the performances promise to deliver. 

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Alex says playing Shane changed him forever, explaining: “I definitely feel a closer connection to what he went through, and how much he loved the people around him.”

Warnie will premiere on Sunday June 25th at 7pm and continue on Monday June 26th on Channel Nine. 

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