Scotty Cam warns Dr Chris Brown to “stay off my turf”

Will Dream Home topple The Block?
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Scotty Cam has shared his honest thoughts and feelings about the upcoming reality renovation show Dream Home as well as its new host Dr. Chris Brown. 

There is no doubt that The Block has cemented itself as the standout star of the reno reality genre, with similar shows airing on other Aussie networks failing to attract the same fanbase. 

WATCH NOW: The Block 2023 Teaser Trailer. Article continues after video. 

But all that could change once Channel Seven-backed Dream Home begins airing sometime in 2024. 

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According to a spokesperson for the Seven Network, the home improvement series will see contestants “update” an existing dilapidated property into their “dream home”, and is based upon the original Kiwi iteration of the show which aired successfully from 1999 – 2013. 

Whilst Seven’s last home renovation exploit House Rules was axed in 2020, there are high hopes that the upcoming series will attract new viewers to the network. 

Dr Chris stunned Australia when he jumped ship from Ten to Seven earlier this year! (Credit: Instagram/Channel Seven)

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle, Scotty Cam had some harsh words for Chris, who has become his reno reality tv host rival. 

“Stay off my turf, Browny!,” Scotty joked before adding: “Chris is a great mate of mine, and good luck to him.”

“Competition is healthy and if his show rates reasonably well, that means people are still interested in this style of television. As soon as they stop watching other shows or our show, then that’s the end of that style.”

Scotty is every bit the good sport (Credit: Channel Nine)

True to his good nature, the seasoned host went on to add that he wished Chris good luck in his new career opportunity.

The 60-year-old also revealed that he would never wish “bad luck” upon anyone working in the television industry because he knew from firsthand experience how difficult it was to succeed!

 “We don’t want them to beat us if they go head to head, but we don’t want them to dismally fail. I know what it’s like.”

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