Scott Cam’s public apology to Shaynna Blaze

He called the fellow Block star a 'B****'

The Block host Scott Cam has issued a public apology to Shaynna Blaze after calling the show’s solo female judge a ‘b****’ on Sunday night’s episode.

After writing down the scores on the board, Cam looked at the group and joked: ‘Some high scores and some low scores. And that Shaynna’s a b***h, isn’t she?’ Blaze was not present during the scene.

With some fans on social media left fuming over his use of the word, the Gold Logie-winner did the radio rounds this morning, offering several apologies and explanations.

‘Look, obviously I said that in complete jest, and I’ve said it to get a rise out of the contestants,’ he told Hit105’s Stav, Abby and Matt with Osher.

It was poor judgment on my part, and I’ve rung Shaynna and apologised. We’re fantastic friends and we’ve worked together for a lot of years. She’s incredible — she’s a great designer, she’s a great person, she’s a great judge. She’s certainly not ‘that’’

Cam continued the apology tour over on Fitzy and Wippa’s Nova 96.9 morning show, telling the hosts: ‘Sometimes I’m an idiot. It was disrespectful … I shouldn’t have done it.’

Cam insisted that Blaze herself had not taken offence at the comment — but many viewers did, questioning whether Cam would use a similar descriptive word to describe the show’s two male judges, Darren Palmer and Neale Whitaker.

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