Scott Cam’s jaw-dropping taxpayer-funded salary revealed

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Australia’s favourite tradie – Scott Cam – is making a motser. 

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According to 7 News, he has received $145,000 of taxpayer funds in his role as the government’s career ambassador.

The staggering amount – which had been paid for Cam’s first five months of work – was revealed in Thursday’s Senate estimates.

He has not attended a single public event since the role was announced at a press conference in October.

During Senate Estimates hearings it was revealed Cam had only appeared in three short social media videos since his contract began.

Scott Cam

When pressed for further details Senator Michaelia Cash said Cam role was to “influence” and “raise awareness” of vocational education and training.

The Gold Logie winner will pocket $350,000 over his 18-month contract, including $226,000 this financial year.

The Block Scott Cam smokes
Scotty Cam takes a surprise ciggie break during filming. (Credit: Supplied)

Last month, Scott was caught smoking a cigarette on the $15 million Melbourne site of The Block. 

The 57-year-old was dressed in his trademark beige shorts and a blue work shirt, teamed with his tool belt.

In the past, Scott has addressed the rigours that come with filming the show away from home – confessing he indulges in some “pretty nasty stuff”.

“It’s been a bit of a disaster. I live by myself in Melbourne. I’ve been married for 25 years and I get looked after by my wife Ann – then I’m there [in Melbourne filming] for three months.”

“When I get back to Sydney, I get back into regular fitness and some healthy food. Ann looks after me.”

The Block Scott Cam
Scott has been open about his health troubles over the years. (Credit: Nine)
The Block Scott Cam
The Block host assures fans that the new season won’t be like 2019’s controversial show. (Credit: Supplied)

Scotty has confirmed the new series will be nothing like last year.

He told, “We learned that [renovating the Oslo Hotel in Melbourne] was too big, and we won’t be doing it this big again, I can guarantee it.”

“We always try and go bigger and better, but we probably crossed the line,” he said. 

It’s achievable because it all got done and sold really well. But I think just for the crew and everybody in [the] future, it will still be a big construction and still be big, but it just won’t be as big as this.”

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