Secret bonus for Rugby Australia’s Wallabies revealed

The bonus has been leaked, following drama between the Wallaroos and Rugby Australia last month.
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Rugby Australia will pay the Wallabies an extra $175,000 each if they win the World Cup final on October 28 in Paris, the Sydney Morning Herald has revealed today. 

According to informed sources who spoke with the SMH, every member of the 33-man playing squad would receive the money. This “secret bonus” is on top of their salary and does not include the additional bonus the Australian men’s rugby will get if they make it past the quarter-final.

While the Australian team is not currently predicted to win, there are other opportunities for them to pick up additional bonuses throughout the World Cup.

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If the Wallabies were to make a semi-final, players would receive $25,000 each. The last time there was an incentive to qualify for a semi-final was in 2007 – though it wasn’t as high an amount then.

This year’s Rugby World Cup is hosted in France, with Australia winning their first round against Georgia – meaning they are one step closer to their quarter-final bonus. The next match is on the 18th of September when we verse FIJI, which you can watch live on Stan and Channel 9. 

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The sky-high bonuses were revealed amid controversy for Rugby Australia, who were called out by the women’s national team – the Wallaroos – in August. 

Australia VS Georgia in the France Men’s Rugby World Cup 2023. (Credit: Getty)

The team, which is currently fifth in the world standings, took to social media to address Rugby Australia’s lack of financial investment and support for Women’s Rugby. 

“We’ve seen the impact that women’s sport has had on the Australian sporting landscape, thanks to the Matildas. It’s time for the chairman, board, and CEO to prioritise the future of Australian Women’s Rugby and allocate adequate resources. It’s time to acknowledge that we are not promoted equally, even on a free platform,” read the Wallaroos’ letter. 

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The statement by the Wallaroos is believed to be in response to a video posted by Rugby Australia that revealed the wives and girlfriends of the Wallabies were flown business class to Sydney to farewell their partners ahead of the World Cup.

Australia vs USA in the World Rugby Pacific Four Series. (Credit: Getty)

Rugby Australia released a brief statement in which they revealed they were “taking steps” towards resolving the issue.

“Rugby Australia will continue to involve the Wallaroos playing group, through RUPA (Rugby Union Players Association), in all planning and developments regarding investment in Women’s Rugby,” the statement read.

“We are taking steps towards a fully professional future for the Wallaroos and investing more broadly in women’s rugby across national and community competitions – and we know we have a way to go.”

With Australia hosting our first Women’s Rugby World Cup in 2029, what will Aussie women’s sports look like then? 

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