‘Something is happening in Windsor’: tweet sends royal fans into overdrive

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An editor accidentally caused a royal baby social media frenzy with a surprise Twitter post.

ITV news’ royal editor Chris Ship lead fans to believe Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s baby was about to arrive with a tweet saying, “BREAKING: There is something happening in Windsor …”

Royal fans went into overdrive but his statement was simply about the changing of the guard at Windsor.

Ship continued:”It’s Changing of the Guard – not that other thing #BabySussex.”

Fans were quick to scold the editor, with one writing: “Why use the baby sussex hashtag when you have no news of it? Thats such bad form, Chris.”

Another wrote: “REALLY? NOT NICE.”

A Kensington Palace representative today told CBS News that the royal baby “hasn’t been born yet”.

The announcement comes after UK breakfast radio presenter Chris Evans declared the Sussexes’ are already enjoying family time with their little one.

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