Fans praise Princess Catherine’s photo trick

Only a princess would think of this!
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There’s no denying that Princess Catherine knows her way around a camera. Whether she’s in front of or behind the apparatus, the Princess is all too familiar with the flashing lights.

Considering this, it comes as no surprise that the esteemed Royal knows a thing or two when it comes to posing. 

WATCH: Princess Catherine’s genius photo hack. Article continues after video.

In a now-circulating video, fans have picked up on the Princess’ discreet hack.

Coined the ‘Princess Shuffle’, her stealthy skills made quite the impression during a visit to Copenhagen in February 2022.

Recently picked up on social media platforms, the video depicts the Princess of Wales posing for photos with Queen Margrethe of Denmark and Crown Princess Mary. After being gestured to move in closer, Princess Catherine then pulls out a barely perceptible heel-toe slide.

The photo in question. (Credit: Getty)

The discreet move has gone viral on TikTok, with fans flocking to the comments to share their praise of the posing trick.

“And in heels! I would definitely get caught on the carpet and wipe out,” one commenter wrote.

“That’s a neat trick. Years of practice,” said another.

“So elegant.” 

“She was born to be a princess”

The verdicts are in and everyone’s loving the newly dubbed Princess Shuffle.

Stunning, even in action. (Credit: Getty)

When it comes to photographs, the Princess has also picked up several other hacks during her royal tenure. As for how she manages to look so good at every angle? It’s all in the chin.

Royal fashion commentator Miranda Holder shared that the Princess “has simply been trained to keep her chin parallel to the ground”.

“She doesn’t tilt it down, she doesn’t tilt it up, and that ensures a flattering photograph every single time,” she told her TikTok followers.

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