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It’s the show that got all of Australia talking in 2021, and now Parental Guidance is back for a groundbreaking new season. 

Featuring 12 parent couples with distinctive parenting styles, Ally Langdon and Dr. Justin Coulson will help our mums and dads unpack, judge, and scruntinise their parenting with fresh eyes. 

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Amy and John | Road School Parenting 

Amy, 39, and John, 39 share kids Jimmy, 12, Gus, 10, and Skipper, 6. 

They have taken to teaching their children on the road and away from society’s expectations after they felt “time slipping away” from them. 

Their teaching methods are tailored to the kid’s interests, on top of normal ‘schoolwork’, and include important life lessons and skills. 

Amy and John (Credit: Channel Nine)

Kat and Jonathon | Influencer Parenting 

Mum Kat, 36, and Jonathan, 40, share daughters Latisha, 18, and Deja, 11. 

The family places a huge focus on content creation for social media and says they have an ‘anti-strict parenting’ approach, based on their own experiences in strict South African and Filipino households growing up. 

Kat and Jonathon (Credit: Channel Nine)

Larissa and Marcus | Gentle Parenting

Larissa, 33, and Marcus, 34, share children Levi, 8, Seanna, 6, Amos, 4, and Caleb, 2, together. 

They describe their children as “high energy” and let their Christian faith guide their gentle parenting. 

Larissa and Marcus (Credit: Channel Nine)

Sammy and Jason | Lighthouse Parenting

Sammy, 41, and Jason, 41, share Pepper, 10, Jude, 6, Rory, 3, and Lottie, 2, together. 

The couple embodies the concept of lighthouse parenting, where like a lighthouse, they maintain a watchful eye from a distance whilst also allowing their four children to experience independence whilst remaining safe. 

Sammy and Jason (Credit: Channel Nine)

Tency and David | Outback Parenting 

Tency, 32, and David, 39 are raising sons Vance, 10, Wyatt, 9, and Clancy, 7 out in the country on a farm in tropical North Queensland. 

From a young age, the boys have been given responsibilities and are told that they will face the consequences of their actions. 

Tency and David (Credit: Channel Nine)

Kat | Honest Parenting

Single mum Kat, 49, is raising fraternal twins Billy and Jesse, both 10, to be independent thinkers, and refuses to be the kind of parent that treats their children like a “special snowflake.”

She encourages difficult conversations and critical thinking with her kids. 

Kat (Credit: Channel Nine)

Kahal and Deepak | Spiritual Parenting 

Kajal, 37, and Deepak, 45, are raising their children Krishna, 13, and Mridula, 7, to keep their Hindu faith at the centre of everything. 

Kahal and Deepak (Credit: Channel Nine)

Sarah and Shane | Stage Parenting 

Sarah, 47, and Shane 51, are raising kids Alaska, 17, Xion, 13, and River, 8 to be creative people who can freely express their “loud and crazy” personalities. 

The couple also aims to empower their children through stage parenting, all three children talented in their own right. 

Sarah and Shane (Credit: Channel Nine)

Mark and Leanne | Team Parenting

Mark, 46, and Leanne, 42, share boys Matthew, 16, Billy, 11, Ella, 8, Brooklyn, 6, Bobbi, 4, and Baylee, 3. 

With a deep-rooted love for rugby league, mum and dad have taken inspiration from the game and see themselves as coaches, utilising repetition, respect, discipline, and teamwork as the foundation of their parenting style. 

Mark and Leanne (Credit: Channel Nine)

Phillipa and Chris | Slow Style Parenting 

Phillipa, 40, and Chris, 39, value deep connections and life experience in nature when parenting children Peyton, 9, Briar, 7, and Avery, 4. 

They avoid having an overloaded schedule, allowing the “children to be children.”

Phillipa and Chris (Credit: Channel Nine)

Kim and Nick | American Parenting 

Kim, 51, and Nick, 52, share an only child Pia, 10, and embrace the American parenting style which they say emphasises confidence and leads to success in various extracurricular activities. 

Kim and Nick (Credit: Channel Nine)

Melody and Michael | Unstructured Parenting 

Melody, 34, and Michael, 37, share Miller, 8, Magnolia, 4, and Maisy, 1. 

They adopt a child-led approach to their parenting that they say priorities mental well-being over conventional measures of success. 

Interestingly, the kids all make their own decisions, including bedtime, screen time, and even food choices. 

Melody and Michael (Credit: Channel Nine)

Parental Guidance airs on Channel Nine and 9Now. 

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