Olympic gold winner Chantelle Newbery to face court

The Olympian has been charged with stealing

Olympic gold medal winner Chantelle Newbery has turned to the Salvation Army for assistance as she faces charges for stealing, and mourns the death of her partner Tim Walsh, who passed away last month.

According to Daily Mail, the 42-year-old was due to stand trial in Brisbane Magistrates Court on Monday on seven counts of stealing.

She was also listed to appear on a mention for breaching her bail.

However after she failed to attend the hearing, her defence lawyer Roberts Burns told the court his client had not been “any state” to instruct her lawyer, The Courier Mail reported.

“She is living in Toowoomba, she has no ability to drive, no family and she is quite isolated,” he said. 

The court were told that the mum-of-two had requested time to meet with the Salvation Army and that she had “completely decompensated in regards to life generally” following the death of her partner.

Her lawyer told the court the former-athlete was in an “incredibly deep depression to which she is being treated by a doctor”.

chantelle newbery
Chantelle is mourning the death of her partner, Tim (pictured) (Credit: Facebook)

The matter was adjourned until August 27 and Newbery’s bail was continued, according to the publication. 

The Australian diver, who won gold at the 2004 Olympics in Athens, took to Facebook on July 5 to share a heartbreaking post following death of her boyfriend Tim, her partner of 18 months.

“No words.. Just loss.. Sadness.. Devastation and many tears… I love you Tim,” she wrote.

“He was one of my besties for five years until we eventually switched from friends to lovers.. we didn’t have a great start.

“In fact we both fought hard (and each other) and persevered more than most would to stay in a relationship that seemed doomed… there were sparks flying that’s for sure! We eventually found our wings and we did take off. 

“My unit feels empty and lonely without him.”

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