Iconic Old El Paso taco girl makes television return, 20 years after original ad aired

She became world famous for her catchphrase "porque no los dos?"
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If you lived in Australia in the early 2000s chances are you bore witness to the iconic “why not have both” Old El Paso ad. 

Featuring a young girl and boy as they deliberate over having crunchy or soft tacos, another young girl asks them “porque no los dos?”, soon becoming a hero in her family thanks to her simple suggestion. 

WATCH NOW: Proque No Los Dos Old El Paso Taco Ad. Article continues after video.

When the original ad aired 20 years ago Mia Agraviador was just six years old, and despite all the time that has passed, she is still proud to call herself ‘that taco girl’. 

Her Instagram bio even jokingly states ‘Yes, I’m the “torque No Los Dos? taco girl.”

Mia is all grown up! (Credit: Mingle Seasoning)

In the two decades since Mia’s iconic one-liner has become a popular catchphrase often used when Aussies can’t decide between two things.

And now, she’s made her grand return in a new advertising campaign for Mingle Seasoning and their newly released Mexican range.

In the ad, Mia interrupts two friends as they discuss how “the little girl in those old taco ads” would be the perfect person to promote the new range. 

“Did somebody say good Mexican?” Mia says as she jumps into the room out of nowhere, celebrations quickly ensuing as she tries the new taco and fajita seasonings for herself, giving them the all-too-important thumbs up. 

Try the new Mexican range from Mingle seasoning for yourself here.

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