Nine-year-old child charged with ‘murdering his family’

fire kyle alwood
The fire occurred in April 2019

A nine-year-old in the US has been charged with murder after allegedly starting a fire which killed five members of his family. 

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Prosecutors in the case said Kyle Alwood intentionally set the fire which killed most of his immediate family, reports. 

The boy reportedly seemed “confused” during a hearing on Monday in an Illinois, US court, after allegedly intentionally setting his family’s mobile home on fire on April 6, 2019.

CBS News in the US reported that Kyle could hardly be seen above the back of his chair, and that his feet could barely touch the ground.

His lawyer reportedly had to explain some of the terms used in court, including “alleged”, “arson” and “residents”.

The small boy cried as he left the court with his grandparents, who are also his foster guardians, the Journal Star reported.

kyle alwood
Kyle Alwood, 9, has been accused of starting a fire which killed five people

Since the incident, Kyle’s mother Katie Alwood has been given a gagging order restricting her ability to talk about the case.

However, shortly after the incident, before the gagging order came into affect she spoke to CBS News

The heartbroken mother said: “Everyone is looking at him like he’s some kind of monster, but that’s not who he is,” Alwood said, adding, “People make mistakes and that’s what this is. Yes, it was a horrible tragedy, but it’s still not something to throw his life away over.”

Alwood explained her son had been recently diagnosed with a form of schizophrenia, ADHD, and bipolar disorder, and that he is a loving boy who deserves a second chance.

fire kyle alwood
The fire occurred in April 2019

The fire reportedly killed Kyle’s two half-siblings, one-year-old Ariel and two-year-old Daemeon Wall; and his cousin, Rose Alwood, aged two.

Kyle’s stepfather, 34-year-old Jason Wall, and the children’s maternal great-grandmother, 69-year-old Kathryn Murray also died.

Authorities said the victims died of smoke inhalation inside the family’s mobile home at Timberline Mobile Home Park.

Kyle is due back in court on November 22 but because of his age, cannot be held in custody between hearings.

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