Newlyweds claim they were thrown off a Jetstar flight because they are Muslim

They were kicked off with 20 of their wedding guests
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An Australian family have claimed they were kicked off a Jetstar flight because they are Muslim. 

WATCH: Newlyweds and their 20 guests kicked off Jetstar flight

Newlyweds Sarah Aslan and Muhammed were returning from their wedding in Bali, along with 20 guests and family members when the incident occurred. 

Sarah and her wedding party had planned to return to Melbourne on Monday via JQ 36.
But instead, they were escorted off the flight and left at Denpasar Airport at 2am local time.

According to Nine News, the group alleged that they were racially and physically abused by airline staff, after being targeted because of their religion. 

Sarah and her husband were kicked off a flight from Bali to Melbourne shortly after boarding. (Credit: Channel 9)

The drama unfolded when one member of the wedding party, Mike Mahmoud, became involved in an exchange with airline staff over a fault with the in-flight entertainment, Nine News reported. 

“Is it the beard? It feels like it might be,” Mike was heard saying to the flight attendant. 

“I really truly don’t believe I was arrogant, I just wanted to get home,” he said. 

mike mahmoud flight
The incident began when Mike Mahmoud (front) questioned Jetstar staff about the entertainment system. (Credit: Channel 9)
According to Nine News, the family are Turkish-Australian and some of the travelling party were wearing headscarves.
“Personally, it did feel like we were being attacked for looking ethnic and being Muslim” Sarah told reporters.
“That’s why I started crying. I’m like, I just want to go home, I don’t to be here anymore.”
After being kicked off the plane, the family were left their own and they struggled to find accommodation at such short notice, which they were forced to sleep in the terminal.
The group managed to secure a flight home 24 hours later, without extra cost.
bali flight
The group argue with security guards in the footage. (Credit: Channel 9)

One of the group who were kicked off the slight, Selim Tutunca, claimed the group was unfairly targeted. 

“We were racially, verbally and physically assaulted by both Jetstar crew members and Bali airport officials. We have footage of all of this,” he wrote on the Jetstar Australia Facebook page. 

We were kicked off the flight even though we hadn’t even spoke a single word to the crew members.

“We have been waiting for over four hours and my children are sleeping on benches at the airport,” he said. 

“We weren’t accommodated by Jetstar whatsoever. We tried speaking to them and they didn’t want to know anything about us. 

“I am here in Bali stuck at the airport with no accommodation with all my luggage and sleeping children to comfort while being told to get out.”

(Credit: Facebook)

However, according to Daily Maila number of passengers on board the plane claimed they were disruptive.    

The plane was taxing to the runway when the group started showing signs of “aggression”, one passenger claimed.

“This wasn’t tolerated at all by the cabin crew and the pilot took us back to where we board the plane… he said we were waiting on security to come and remove the family,” she said.

bali newlyweds
The couple’s Bali wedding was tainted by their flight experience. (Credit: Facebook)
In a statement to Nine News, Jetstar denied their staff acted inappropriately.
“The safety of our customers and crew is our number one priority and we do not tolerate any kind of disruptive or abusive behaviour,” a spokesperson told Nine News.
“Our crew dispute the claims made by these passengers,” the spokesperson said.

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