MKR’s Piper spills on plastic surgery

Has she had work done?

There’s been a lot of chatter amongst the MKR contestants this year about who has and hasn’t had work done.

During group one’s instant restaurant rounds, Josh and Austin accused both Ruby and Romel of going under the knife.

However, they’re yet to pinpoint anyone in group two.

Speaking to former beauty queen and model Piper, the Sydney mum certainly has an opinion when it comes to cosmetic procedures.

“I think whatever makes you happy,” she tells New Idea.

“I don’t have any negativity towards it whatsoever. I feel like anything in moderation. If it makes you happy, if it doesn’t become an obsession, then I say, ‘Go for it. Go for it.””

So does that mean she’s gone under the knife herself?

Watch this space!

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