My Kitchen Rules: The truth about Piper

She's starting to show her true colours

After tonight’s episode, it seems there’s nothing Piper won’t do to win My Kitchen Rules.

She’s come under scrutiny for her questionable tactics – from throwing teammate Veronica under the bus to turning on the water works to the public during challenges.

And if you consider her background, it’s really no surprise that Piper is so competitive.

Veronica and Piper
(Credit: Seven)

Piper was brought up in the US competing in beauty pageants, which are famously very competitive.

“Pageants are extremely competitive,” she says.

“You’re getting judged on not only how you look, but how you present yourself as well. You’re competing against women and you need to keep your eye on the prize.

“You just really need to focus on you and be the best that you can in that situation and hopefully come away with the crown.”

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