The TRUTH about Mick and Jodie-Anne’s elimination

What REALLY sent them home

Tonight, country couple Mick and Jodie-Anne were eliminated from the 10th season of My Kitchen Rules.

On screen, it seemed that fab friends Lyn and Sal were the better cooks on the night.

However, Mick and Jodie-Anne reveal there was more going on behind the scenes that led to their elimination.

“All the cooks were really tough and at this point of time in the competition, we’ve cooked more than anyone else,” Mick tells New Idea.

“We’ve been in more eliminations and that really adds to the stress levels.”

While the married couple say the competition was taking its toll on them, they reveal that there were other teams who were struggling even more.

“We know that some people wanted to crack at this point,” Mick explains.

“I won’t say who but they were at breaking point.

“There were a couple of contestants we talked into staying.

“We told them not to give in because two weeks later they would have been sitting at home, regretting it.

“We were struggling ourselves. It was back-breakingly hard, borderline impossible.”

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