My Kitchen Rules: Lyn and Sal’s sad secret

The loveable pair shares their heartache

Fab friends Lyn and Sal have won over Australia with their laid-back, earnest approach to MKR.

However, behind their bright smiles is a sad story about their path to the popular cooking show.

Lyn reveals to New Idea that she originally applied to be on MKR with another friend at the wish of another friend who sadly passed away.

Lyn and Sal
(Credit: Seven)

“Not last year the year before I had applied to go on with another friend,” she says.

“We did because a friend of ours had died and it was one of those nights where we were reminiscing and because we all loved cooking we thought let’s do it for Jen and we applied.

“In the end my friend Kate wasn’t able to do it but they said I could do it but I thought it would be hard to find someone on short notice. They said they’d ring me again for the next year and they did!

“I was telling the girl at work and she said to ask Sal so I asked him and he was like, ‘OK’ and that’s how it eventuated.”

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