What you missed at Ibby and Romel’s Ultimate Instant Restaurant

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A lot of water has gone under the bridge since Ibby and Romel’s last Instant Restaurant.

The Sydney socialites shocked group one when they admitted they had bent the rules and hired a designer to deck out their restaurant.

However, things were different this time around with Ibby and Romel doing all their set up themselves.

And there was another stark difference which has gone unnoticed by many viewers…until now.

Let’s remember back to Ibby and Romel’s Instant Restaurant all the way back in February.

It was a momentous episode because it was when Josh and Austin were in full swing.

But this time around, Josh and Austin’s feud with Ibby and Romel seems to be over and according to Ibby – it is!

“We actually got to really know each other and we actually like each other at the end,” Ibby says.

“We were really close, which was weird. Like really close.

“They were really supportive of us and we were supportive of them. They changed as well. To be honest, they’ve grown a lot on the show.

“They’re very smart, they’re very, very intelligent people and they are quite funny in their way. They realized that being hurtful and being the way they were, nobody’s liking it. It’s just giving them problems and I think naturally, they changed and you will see it.”

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