MKR’s Ruby reveals secret feud

What you didn't see on camera
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This season of MKR has been filled with fighting and on-going feuds.

From Josh and Austin versus, well, everyone, to Romel versus Piper to Karolina versus Lyn, there have been some tense moments in the competition.

However, one duo has been fighting behind the scenes, with only glimpses provided into their feud on camera.

Andy and Ruby
(Credit: Seven)

Peruvian friends Andy and Ruby admit they struggled to spend so much time together filming MKR.

“Oh yeah, we fought a lot while we were cooking,” Ruby says.

“There were a few teams that were like that.”

However, according to Ruby, the two old friends managed to leave their tiffs in the kitchen.

“When the cook finished and our lives went back to normal we were like ‘sorry’,” she admits.

Andy and Ruby
(Credit: Seven)

According to Ruby, she made a real effort to keep her relationship with Andy amicable because she can’t stand drama.

“I hate it, I hate it. I hate drama,” she says.

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