Mum’s fury as in-laws chip in to buy her $1.50 birthday present

The internet is divided.

‘It’s the thought that counts’ is one of the world’s most well-known sayings, but one mother has realised that sometimes the thought doesn’t count for a lot. 

At some point in your life, you’ll be given a present which, for whatever reason, is underwhelming in its arrival. 

One mother has been left genuinely disappointed by a gift her in-laws chipped in to get her for her birthday.

Explaining on Mumsnet the woman wrote, ‘I’ve been married to my husband for 15 years. We don’t live near his family, but he made the effort to visit them whilst working nearby a few weeks back. They made a big deal about him bringing back a present for my birthday.’

It was here that the woman began to get excited about the prospects of the present, as her husband said ‘it was probably jewellry by the size and shape of the gift’ and that they had all ‘chipped in for it.’ 


As the woman’s birthday was not for another two weeks, the gift sat on the mantle piece of their home. Then, when her birthday finally arrived the woman was excited to open the present.

It was a bar of chocolate.

She asked the women on Mumsnet, ‘Am I being unreasonable to be upset they made no effort whatsoever?’

The woman goes on to explain how ‘for previous birthday’s his parents alone have give me a $20 gift card, so it’s weird that between six working adults they’ve managed a $1.50 bar of chocolate, right?’

As for her husband, he simply ‘thinks they’re kind for remembering the sort of chocolate I like.’ 

Safe to say, the post received a very mixed review – with some mothers claiming the present was perfectly acceptable, with others finding it just down-right rude.

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