Mum scrawls ‘pervert’ on neighbour child’s head after shaving him bald

Police say she ‘regrets her decision’

Mum, 34, accused of shaving her 9-year-old neighbour’s head and writing ‘pervert’ across it after flying into a rage.

Police from Eureka, Missouri, say that the woman’s daughter, 9, was at a sleepover at the neighbour’s house with the boy’s sister.

During the evening the boy apparently came into the bathroom and pulled the girl’s hair. He told police that she then sat up, and he accidentally bumped her chest. 

When the girl went home, she told her mother that she had been touched inappropriately by the 9-year-old neighbour boy.

‘The day the 9-year-old boy went to the neighbour’s house looking for his sister and the mother of the young girl who was upset with the young boy pulled him into the apartment, shaved his head,” says Lt. Dave Wilson told KMOV. Police say she then took a felt tip marker and scrawled ‘pervert’ across his head. 

Locals told KMOV they couldn’t believe that such a thing would happen in their community.

Marilyn Clark told reporters: ‘Gosh, I can’t believe that she would do that. That is just terrible.’

Bill Constantin added: ‘She just distinctively went into beast mode, you know? She should have got the other kids parents involved.’

Police say that when they confronted the woman she admitted to the attack and ‘obviously regrets her decision’.

She may face assault charges.

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