Mum finds shock message after young daughter kills herself

No mother should have to deal with this.

A mum has revealed how a heartbreaking cryptic message was found in her teenage daughters room just hours after she died – and she is now using it to help other teens.

Maisie Cousin-Strik was just 16 when her body was found in woodlands near her sister Amy’s house in Misterton, Nottinghamshire. 

Just hours after finding the body, Amy was in the teenager’s bedroom when she found a note which appeared to read ‘I’m fine’, but when turned upside down it read ‘help me.’

The teens distraught mother, Helen, said she had no idea her daughter had any suicidal thoughts, ‘I had no idea she was hiding these feelings and I hope that I can just help other teenagers now to speak to someone before it is too late.’

maisie note
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Maisie, a high achiever, had finished her exams and decided not to go to the leavers’ assembly at school on June 19, as it was optional.

‘I just thought she was being a teenager and wanting a lie-in on the first day of her holidays. I sailed off to work. I sent her a text later about sausages. It was that normal.’

It was not until 6pm that night that Helen started to worry her teenage daughter had not returned home.

Anxious, Helen phoned the police, reporting Maisie missing.

Within an hour of posting about her daughter on Facebook, the community formed a search party – scouring fields and streets.

Sadly, around 5am, Amy’s partner Liam, 24, was on the phone to Helen when he discovered Maisie’s body in the woods, only a few minutes from their house. 

Helen said: ‘I just screamed and screamed. I couldn’t believe this had happened to us.’

Helen has since had Maisie’s note made into pins and is selling them to raise awareness of teen suicide.

If you or someone you know needs support, help can be found at Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue on 1300 224 636.

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