Mother of bride who died hours after wedding shares sorrow

Our thoughts are with brave Linda

Heather Lindsay and her fiancé David Mosher left the internet in tears after sharing their beautiful love story. Heather had been diagnosed with cancer and was told she did not have long to live, and so the two decided to marry then and there in the hospital. 

One of the couple’s dear friends shared several beautiful images of the ceremony to social media, and they went viral with people sharing their heartache for the pair.

Now, the mother of the bride has spoken out for the first time and spoken of the sorrow she feels following the loss of her daughter. 

‘It’s very deep because I never stopped fighting for her,’ Linda tells PEOPLE magazine. ‘We expected her to take care of us in our old age, not for this to happen.’

Linda also spoke about how beautiful the ceremony was. 

‘The tubes and wires just melted into the background and all I saw was love and her dream of marrying Dave coming true,’ the grieving mother tells PEOPLE.

‘It was just a great, great love down to their souls.’

Heather’s mother Linda supported her daughter throughout the ceremony, with a friend noting, ‘The amount of strength her mom showed could only be possible because of her unwavering faith in God, despite the certainty she would lose her only daughter on this earth.

‘Her outpouring of selfless love reminded me of Heather’s reaction to tragedy in other’s lives. Heather has shown me this same care when I was in a very dark and hopeless place.

‘She learned this language of love from her family and was able to comfort others in this same way. Like mother like daughter.’

Our thoughts are with Linda as she grieves the loss of her daughter, Heather.

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