Devastated mum searching for 12yo daughter after letting go of her hand in Grenfell Tower fire

'It was pitch black, there was so much black smoke and they fell'

Harrowing stories of relatives searching for their loved ones following the horrific Grenfell Tower fire in London yesterday continue to emerge.

One woman has told of her devastation after accidently letting go of her 12-year-old daughter’s hand while trying to escape down the pitch black stairwell as flames engulfed the high rise.

According to unnamed friends, the mother is distraught after losing her daughter whilst trying to escape from the 24th floor, according to The Mirror.

The mother’s best friend said: “She is okay but we cannot find her 12-year-old daughter, we have called every helpline but they just take our number.

“Still searching, haven’t been told what caused the fire.

“There’s only one entrance and one exit and it was absolute panic.

“We’re all so worried.”

Continuing, the friend added: “She lives on the 24th floor and at the beginning when the fire was not that big they came to the staircase and were told to go back up and wait for assistance by firefighters.

“They told them to put a wet towel under the door and over their face.

“I was on the phone to the police and they were saying the same.

“It got to the point when the whole building was on fire and windows started smashing that they decided to run.

“When they were going down the stairs there were people dead or collapsed.

“It was pitch black, there was so much black smoke and they fell.

“They let go of each other.

“She made it out, but we don’t know where her daughter is.

“She is distraught she just wants her child back.”

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