“She’s mischievous!” Matt Preston reveals what working with Nigella Lawson is really like

“You think she’s going to be a bit anodyne, a bit bland.”
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My Kitchen Rules has returned with a bang after a long two years, and fans are enjoying every minute of the new season. 

From new judges, amazing food and crazy drama, audiences have jumped on this year’s MKR, however many were devastated when news broke that Nigella was not going to be a permanent fixture on the show. 

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Monday night marked Nigella’s last episode of MKR, only judging group one of the show before stepping aside for Matt Preston to co-host alongside Manu for the remainder of the season.

In the lead-up to Matt joining MKR, he chatted with NovaFM’s Fitzy and Wippa on air this morning revealing what it was like to (briefly) work alongside Nigella. 

Describing her as a “younger sister that you love but is a little bit annoying at times,” Matt went on to share with Fitzy and Wippa that “she’s mischievous”.

“I love working with her” he explained, “you think she’s going to be a bit anodyne, a bit bland, and then she’s actually you know, spirited and fiery and all the stuff… that side of Nigella is brilliant to work with.”

Nigella and Matt
Matt Preston will replace Nigella Lawson for the remainder of the season. (Credit: Instagram)

Co-host Manu has also opened up about working alongside Nigella, explaining that it was “nice to work with someone new.” 

“It’s exciting to be working with someone else” he shared.  

“She’s a wonderful woman, she loves eating, she loves food and she’s excellent to work with.”

Chatting with New Idea, Manu also explained why the pair work so well together.

“I think my background as a professional chef with her experience as a home cook just balances out very well.” 

“We are very different critics and bring a different perspective which covers all bases.”

Nigella and Manu
Matt Preston will join Manu for this season of MKR. (Credit: Seven/Instagram)

Round one ended with a bang on Monday night following the elimination of one of the season’s most divisive couples. 

Steven and Frena were sent home after their less than impressive instant kitchen left them at the bottom of the leaderboard. 

The couple tried their hardest to remain in the competition, with contestants and fans slamming them for their tactical voting. 

In the last two instant restaurants of round one, Steven and Frena gave astonishingly harsh critiques and low scores compared to the rest of the judges and contestants. 

News also broke earlier this week that the couple had called off their engagement just weeks after filming wrapped up for the cooking competition. 

Steven and Frena
Steven and Frena were the first team to be eliminated. (Credit: Seven/Instagram)

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