My Kitchen Rules exclusive: The biggest fight in MKR history

Are you ready?

They’re two of the most outspoken and opinionated teams in MKR history – so it’s no surprise that things get very heated, very early on, when Sydney sisters Jess and Emma encounter Melbourne BFFs Roula and Rachael.

The two fiery teams go head-to-head from the very first episode, with a string of outrageous jibes about food, weight, plastic surgery and their personalities, causing shockwaves around the table.

‘The tension was high with Roula and Rachael from the first time we met,’ Jess tells New Idea. ‘They were really in your face and I don’t like people taking cheap shots at me. I feel like if you have something to say, say it and own it and get on with it. Don’t use me as your scapegoat to get air time.

‘It was more the comments that Rachael had made under her breath, which led to some of the big arguments. That really got to me the most because we were so open about it [having work done] and didn’t feel it was something to harp on about either. They’re just my lips – I don’t cook with them.

‘When you have people there constantly trying to throw you and poke you and prod you, I’m not the type of person who’ll sit back and cop it – I will ght my battles and I will kick. I won’t lie down quietly.’

Roula & Rachael (l), Jess & Emma (Credit: Channel 7)

Roula admits that the behind-the-scenes back-stabbing added to the on-screen drama.

‘I knew from day one that these girls had something against me, and then the second Instant Restaurant happened, we all got really crazy,’ she tells New Idea. ‘We found out that they were talking about us behind our backs and we were like: “We don’t even know these people!” It was a stressful situation. It was like they’re against me.’

Adds Rachael: ‘I didn’t think it would kick off so fast. I expected drama, but I didn’t expect it from day one. I was like looking at Roula saying: “What the hell? How is this already going so crazy?” I think I took a step back, but once we started hearing everything that was said, I decided no – enough is enough!’

MKR airs Monday to Wednesday, 7:30pm and Sunday 7pm on Channel 7.

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