SHOCKING: Kebab shop owner knocked unconscious in one-punch attack

The video is sickening...

This is the sickening moment a Melbourne kebab shop worker was brutally knocked unconscious in a one punch attack.

Horrifying CCTV footage shows the 31-year-old getting punched in the face before passing out and hitting the ground outside the Windsor shop just last week.


Watch the disturbing CCTV footage below

The attack commenced Sunday 14 April as four ‘rowdy’ men entered the kebab store ‘drunk’ causing a disturbance and taunting the employees.

CCTV footage caught the attackers provoking the workers by throwing rubbish before one of them stole the victims bike which was tied outside and rode it through the store.


CCTV image of man stealing victim’s bike outside the Melbourne kebab shop (Credit: Seven)

It was when the worker pleaded for his bike that the men began throwing profanities and slapping him in the face. 

(Credit: Seven)

The dispute continued outside where one of the men punched the worker in the face leaving him unconscious and shattering his jaw in several places. He spent four nights in intensive care.

I can’t remember anything after he hit me because I was blacked out,” the worker told Sunrise

“The next morning I woke up in hospital. It’s terrible. I can’t eat anything.”

CCTV Image of the 31-year-old punched in the face outside kebab shop (Credit: Seven)

The assault-victim is having a slow recovery with his medical bills rising up to thousands of dollars. 

Police are still searching for the attackers and are following a lead of a $4000 watch that was found on the scene.

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