Surprise! Macca’s are bringing back two iconic desserts

But hurry - they are only available for a limited time
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Surprise! McDonald’s is bringing back not just one – but two iconic desserts for a limited time only. 

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Later this month the KITKAT McFlurry and KITKAT Frappe will be making a long-awaited return. 

The KITKAT McFlurry features Macca’s soft serve swirled with KitKat pieces, topped with delicious hot fudge sauce. 

The KITKAT Frappe is made up of Macca’s creamy chocolate frappe blended with crushed KitKat pieces, topped with whipped cream and KitKat chunks.

KitKat collaboration
(Credit: McDonalds)

The Mcdonald’s and Nestlé Professional collaboration will only be available for a limited time – fans can get their hands on the McFlurry on Wednesday 24th of August exclusively via Menulog. 

Both the McFlurry and Frappe will be available at all Macca’s restaurants nationwide on Wednesday 31 August. 

KitKat Collaboration
(Credit: McDonalds)

Liz Whitbread the Senior Brand Manager of McDonald’s Australia explained the reasoning behind the new release. 

“We are known for our great-quality range of desserts that bring together iconic Macca’s flavours and some of Australia’s most loved dessert brands.” 

“After a successful launch in 2020, we are so excited to bring back the delicious KITKAT McFlurry and KITKAT Frappe.   

“Featuring iconic Macca’s soft serve paired with delicious wafer chocolate, our new range of KitKat desserts will hit the spot every time.”

KitKat Collabration
(Credit: McDonald’s)

The re-launch of these fan-favourite desserts follows the launch of Mcdonald’s winter menu earlier this year, which saw the return of the much-loved Mighty Angus burger and the cheesy Mozzarella Sticks. 

Alongside the return of these fan faves are two brand new Maccas items –  the Crème Brulée McFlurry and Crème Brulée Pie. 

The new Crème Brulée Pie is a classic reinvented. Filled with smooth crème custard and burnt caramel fillings, the pie is served piping hot and is the perfect dessert during the colder months. 

As for the Crème Brulée McFlurry, it will contain a combination of classic vanilla soft serve ice cream, crème custard, burnt caramel fillings as well as a drizzle of warm caramel topping.

Winter menu
(Credit: McDonalds)

McDonald’s Australia Marketing Director Tim Kenward explained the reasoning behind the new winter launch.

“Macca’s is giving us another reason to get the gang together and cosy up this winter with delicious new and returning menu items.

“Our winter menu includes the iconic Mighty Angus, one of our customers’ most requested items, a brand-new range of desserts featuring Crème Brulée flavours, and Mozzarella Sticks for the snack lovers.

“These items offer delicious flavour combinations for every Aussie winter moment, whether it be a night in with family or a gathering with friends.”

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