REVEALED: The 2023 MasterChef Dessert Masters winner is here

After ten short episodes, the winner has finally been crowned...
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The inaugural season of MasterChef Dessert Masters features the crème de la crème of Australian culinary talent. 

From industry icons to top pastry chefs, chocolate connoisseurs baking experts, and more, this ten-strong cast of contestants have whisked it all in numerous high stakes, high rewards challenges set upon them by judges Amaury Guichon and Melissa Leong. 

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Unfortunately, whilst each of our contestants has blown us away with their incredible dessert creations, only one will emerge victorious with the title of Australia’s first ‘Dessert Master’ and the $100,000 in prize money that comes with it. 

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The finale episode was aired last night, crowning Gareth Whitton as the first-ever Dessert Masters 2023 winner and taking home $100,000.

MasterChef’s first Australian Dessert Master. (Credit: Instagram)

“I never expected myself to be here on the finale of all places,” Gareth said after being crowned winner.

“For me to come through at the end is unreal. It’s out of this world.”

Gareth beat Jess Liemantara and Reynold Poernomo in the finale, both of which are MasterChef Australia alumni.

The grand finale included a two-course service challenge… for Gareth’s first dish, he made a beautiful rhubarb tart which was very well-received by the judges. 

Gareth’s second dish, wattleseed and chocolate mousse. (Credit: Channel 10)

The second dish Gareth whipped up was a wattleseed and chocolate mousse.

Amaury praised the dish.

“This is a Dessert Master dessert,” he said.

The episode finished with Gareth earning a total score of 35/40, Reynold in second with 28/40 and Jess following behind with 27/40.

Before the finale last night, recently eliminated contestants Anna Polyviou, Andy Bowdy, and Kirsten Tibballs shared some insight with New Idea and our sister publication WHO as to which of their fellow dessert champions they thought would make it to the end. 

Melissa and Amaury have set the bar high for our contestants. (Credit: Channel 10)

“I think Reynold [Poernomo] is the GOAT (greatest of all time), he’s just super talented and I love watching him,” cookie dough entrepreneur Anna shared with us the morning after her on-screen elimination. 

“Gareth is also the underdog, he’s doing really, really well and Jess is super cute,” Anna added.

As for Andy, he’s placing his bets behind Reynold and Jess given they’ve both got previous experience in the MasterChef kitchen: “They know what to expect,” Andy shared with us. 

I watched Reynold and he’s never doing too much running and he’s all organised and I feel like the rest of us are all running around like crazies in the kitchen.”

Kirsten shared these sentiments, telling WHO that Reynold was the one to watch: “Reynold has put the work in and he’s done the time, nothing would make me happier than for Reynold to win,” she shared. 

“I’d be happy regardless if any of them win, but I think Reynold or Jess, who have actually been in the [MasterChef] kitchen [should win]. Having just done a really short series, I can only imagine the dedication and work that goes into a full MasterChef series, so kudos to those two.”

Gareth, Jess and Reynold will face off in the finale. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Fans have also taken to betting platforms such as Sportsbet to share their predictions. 

There’s a reason Reynold is known as the “Dessert King” by fans, the creative genius is currently in the lead to win the reality cooking competition with odds listed at $1.72. 

He is followed closely behind by Gareth Whitton with odds of $2.00, with macaron mastermind Jess Liemantara trailing behind with odds of $8.50. 

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