Married at First Sight: Seb’s gambling hell ‘He was broke and unemployed’

Uh-oh! What will happen when Lizzie discovers Seb’s secret?
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He seems to have hit the jackpot on Married at First Sight, appearing smitten with his bride Elizabeth Sobinoff.

But it’s not the first time Seb Guilhaus has had a stroke of good luck.

A source tells New Idea that three years ago, the former AFL player won more than $500,000 on the pokies while he was living in Darwin. “He played the pokies regularly,” a close friend dishes.

‘He was broke & unemployed’ friends claim he hit rock bottom after spending all of his winnings. (Credit: Supplied)

“He was making good money working in the mines in Darwin, so he had a huge disposable income, but even by his standards, it was a crazy amount of money to win.”

After winning all that cash, Seb quit his extremely well-paying job and began living the high life.

“He’s always loved to party, but he partied a lot more after that,” the friend reveals. “He got stuck in that trap of going out pretty much every night of the week and spending like [there was] no tomorrow. It was a toxic lifestyle.”

What will Lizzie think?? (Credit: Supplied)

It wasn’t long before Seb had spent the entire windfall with his extravagant partying habits.

“He blew the money pretty quickly,” the friend continues, “probably within a few months. So, he went from having all this money to suddenly being broke and unemployed.

“He hit rock bottom. He had no choice but to leave Darwin and move back home to Adelaide.”

It was then Seb decided to finally pursue his dream of becoming an actor and enrolled in a bachelor’s degree for creative arts (drama) at Flinders University.

“It was something he had always wanted to do,” the friend explains. “His biggest goal in life has always been to be on Home and Away or something like that.”

Seb himself has been open about his desire to pursue a career as an actor, writing on Facebook in 2017: “I’ve attempted career paths in almost every industry known to man to try and best work out what I have ability and passion in … the thing that has stuck with me and framed who I am again and again is my love of making people laugh/entertaining people.”

It seems Seb was also hoping to land a spot on The Bachelorette. (Credit: Facebook)

And it seems Seb finally landed his dream gig when he was cast on Married at First Sight this year – something that has been a long time coming for the budding star.

While Seb’s relationship with Lizzie seems to be going well, serious doubt has been cast over his intentions for signing up for the show, with his friend claiming “he only went on the show for fame and to boost his acting career”.

Another source goes as far as to claim that Seb was actually hired as an actor for MAFS!

“Seb bragged to everyone on the show about how much acting experience he has and even admitted to Josh that he was only there to act,” a contestant dishes.

“They cast him on the condition that he and Lizzie stay together after the show because they had no genuine couples left and the validity of the experiment would be in question if not one single couple lasted beyond filming. He’s 100 percent acting.”

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