A sweet look inside Lucinda & Andrea’s enduring friendship post MAFS

Move over Thelma and Louise- there’s a new duo in town!
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For a fortunate few, love, at first, sight, is possible and this sentiment couldn’t be truer for Married at First Sight’s twosome Lucinda Light and Andrea Thompson, or more specifically ‘friend at first sight’.

The pair signed up for the experiment to meet a husband and came out with a lifelong pal.

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As New Idea sits down with them both at Lucinda’s home on The Great Ocean Road, their chemistry and laughter are nothing short of infectious.

“We’ve just loved each other from the beginning and had each other’s backs,” MC and Wedding Celebrant Lucinda, 43, tells us.

“We chat a couple of times a week. Andi’s one of life’s unexpected treasures.”

Andrea, 51, adds that she knew “from the second” she met Lucinda their friendship was going to be “special.”

She tells us, “I’ve never had such an instant love for someone.”

This duo constantly crack each other up. (Credit: Instagram)

For both the brides, the experiment proved tumultuous when it came to their expert-matched grooms and Lucinda says that “she couldn’t have gotten through it” without Andrea’s support.

Lucinda tells New Idea that she was “surprised” that their budding relationship wasn’t revealed too much on the show as for her, their friendship was “one of the most” significant things that happened for her.

“There’s so much that doesn’t make the cut, but we had so much fun,” she says.  

Andrea shares that she was “struggling a lot in the real world” when she left the experiment and as soon as it was Lucinda’s time to leave the show, she changed her flight to fly to Andrea’s home in the Sunshine Coast to spend five nights there.

Andrea says, “It was the best thing for us both to be together, unpack the experiment, and ground ourselves again.”  

“Couldn’t have done it without her,” Andrea says about Lucinda. (Credit: Instagram)

As they reminisce about their MAFS journey, Lucinda says she and Andrea share a love for creativity and are both “a little on the quirky side” and “beat to their own drum.” Subsequently, they find one another a “crack up” and consider themselves as part of “the same tribe.”

Andrea maintains that their friendship works because they both “look for positives” are “kind humans” and “don’t want to hurt people.”

“We have an instant empathy,” she says.

These MAFS besties are “never bored.” (Credit: Instagram)

Sometimes the pair find happiness in doing yoga or simply sitting and drawing together with some music on in the background, describing themselves as “communicators.”

Our chat flows to the future, and whether we can expect to see them together on television ever again, Lucinda states that the rumors she will be appearing as an expert on the next season of MAFS “laughable” and false.

“We’re talking about some things we could do together,” reveals Andrea. “Something designer and fancy. Styling?” 

“That would be right up Andi’s alley!” Lucinda interjects.

A love to last a lifetime. (Credit: Channel Nine)

Photographer Andrea added that the duo would work “really well” together.

For the moment these “conversations” about their future endeavors will have to take place over Facetime, which they try to commit to as often as they can given that they live so far away.

“I went into the show looking for love and I walked out with the love of my life in Lucinda,” shares Andrea.

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